Dear reader, I am a PhD student at Sorbonne University working with the DELYS team in LIP6/Inria in Paris. Previously i was with the AGPL team in TU Kaiserslautern where i did my Master’s thesis.

My primary area of research is Distributed Systems. I am studying the strategies to Optimise Coordination in Concurrent and Geo-Distributed Systems. This relates to developing a pragmatic approach to optimise concurrency control in actual, complex applications. The goal is to develop a tool that assists developers in identifying the concurrency control and coordination required to achieve correctness.

My latest work is in the following:

AntidoteDB is a planet scale, highly available transactional database. During my Master thesis, I worked on designing and implementing:

  1. A Cache to store CRDT objects in memory.
  2. A Checkpoint store to persist these objects.
  3. An Indexing mechanism to facilitate faster reads in Journal based databases.
  4. Strategies to truncate the Journal upon check-pointing.

The work has been submitted as a dissertation towards my master degree.